The whole world of Gas Safety Engineering
IBEDA hose couplings A safe connection with one click
The whole world of Gas non-return valves

Cheap generic products endanger health and life of your employees

Unsichere No-Name-Produkte – Billig, gefährlich, ohne Funktion!
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Working with explosive gas mixtures hold risks - and your employees are not as robust as our crash-test-dummies. As people's lives are invaluable, you should not take any risks with their safety With IBEDA gas safety engineering you protect life, limb and your investments without any compromise.

IBEDA offers for the work place affordable safety devices which fulfill required design approvals and the requirements of recognized worldwide standards.

The experience of half a century goes into our certified products, manufacturing and test procedures.

Keine Experimente – Safety First!
For more Information download our Brochure: PDF